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The History of The Ribble Warriors

In the Beginning
The year is 1994 and the place is the Phalanx wargames show at St Helens, 4 wargamers have come together for a day out and they have decided that they need more than just casual meetings at each others houses in order to satisfy their cravings for Warhammer. On their return one of these gamers takes the idea further and starts to look for a venue for the club, after weeks of fruitless searching a chance comment in a pub to one of his mates brings about an offer of a sports hall on a Sunday and so the club is born. At first the fledgling club is called the Preston Area Wargames club until the previous Preston Area Wargames Club complains and so much brain racking is involved before founder members wife say's "well the club is by the River Ribble, Why not call it the Ribble somethings" and so after a moments more thought the Ribble Warriors Wargamers were born, Hurrah!

The club progressed slowly for the first year and was only a small band that met once a fortnight to play warhammer and socialise. And then came the first GW Warhammer Tournament, we picked a special, highly trained group of our best players to attend (if you believe that then you will believe anything!) and so the four intrepid warriors travelled to Nottingham University to take part. It was during the Apre's game that our reputation as BeerTrolls was founded (a reputation that was maintained by our stalwart crew in all subsequent tournaments) even though we did not perform as well as we should in the gaming!

It was this landmark event which led to our being a tournament-orientated club as we all enjoyed the event immensely. We ran our own tournament called the Golden Troll tournament that is still taking place today (just under another name see below).

As the years went by the club never really had a large turn out, although there have been a lot of members through the years. We maintained the club at a constant level for a while whilst building up our tournament attendance. Then in 1997 came another landmark event when we attended the first Grand Tournament of the young Warhammer Players Society, this has led to a close relationship with the WPS and a marked increase in the number of tournaments that the Ribble BeerTrolls attend every year. However it was at the Weymouth Waagh in 1998 that the BeerTrolls came of age when the "four go mad in Dorset " team attended this WPS event for the first time, from this came the infamous midnight swim in the Atlantic and the Royal Marine beasting given to an unfortunate Birmingham Trollslayer, nearly dying of alcohol poisoning almost robbed the Ribble Warriors of their President and only the fact that the hotel ran out of gin saved us. It was after this that the club acquired it reputation within the WPS of being mediocre gamers but hard drinkers. We continue to attend WPS events but now our club is starting to gain some results worthy of our efforts, this is due to the introduction of some new blood into the club and younger and better players, (except for our celebrity painters and players the Whittaker brothers, Paul and Ian, who form the lightweight section of the Ribble club, being slightly older, more responsible and seemingly allergic to alcohol, but are good gamers for all that,) and under the increasing tutelage of them and our heavyweight "beardmeister" section comprising Jon Kay and Andy Reidal and the up and coming Jason Ackroyd we have slowly started to improve our overall placings except for the club president Bob "BeerTroll" Aspland who remains steadfastly crap !

We ran our own WPS tournament in Blackpool for the first time in 1999 called the Ribble Rumble and the event was a great success with players from all over the country turning up to play. This event was repeated in 2000 and we hope to carry it on in the future. The 2000 event was a watershed for the Ribble Warriors in that it was the first WPS warhammer tournament to be won by a Ribble Warrior in the form of Ian " shandy" Whittaker, who walked away with the trophy seemingly whilst no-one was looking!

So far in 2000 we are looking to pull our club even further up the tournament ladder and are hoping for another win to cement our standing. We have also gone transatlantic when the "Beardmeister" section and the President attended the GW Baltimore 2000 GT and we did well considering (I was paid to say that !)

More updates will follow as the year progresses .



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