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Our Rules for Happy Posting
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Author:  Mort2k [ Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Our Rules for Happy Posting

We are not a serious bunch so take these with a pinch of salt, everyone knows how to behave, basically dont be an ass !

Please respect the other members of the forum, we do not expect you to agree with everything being posted but please behave respectfully to other board members. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. (flaming/trolling)

SHOUTING ALL THE TIME is not acceptable.

Be considerate of other people's backgrounds, no racist, sexist or other kinds of offensive comments.

Please do not use pictures or other graphics in your signature. Likewise, please do not use offensive pictures in your avatar, and please no animated ones either.

Please stay on topic. Personal chatting should be taken to e-mail.

Do not post Army Builder lists direct to the forum as they are very difficult to read and the forum members don't really want to know that your knights has a horse which cost 0 points . Simply edit the list in WordPad to make it more legible.

If you are unhappy with a moderator decision, send me a PM on the forum.

Do not post a locked thread again, and do not launch a personal attack on the moderator/s on the forum.

You must not spam the list or use meaningless one word or one line replies.

Bans work on a 'three strikes and your out!' system but we retain the right to ban people without warning if we see fit.

If you want your website to be included in our links section please e-mail me with details of your site and a url.

Any new sign-ups with a suspicious looking website link in their profile will be deleted immediately. Unfortunately we get a lot, sometimes more than 10 a day, of dodgy sign-ups from people/bots linking to all manner of very suspicious internet websites. If I delete an account from a genuine new member then please accept my apologies and e-mail me.

Any new members that I suspect have signed up merely to gain access to several thousand gamers to expand their customer base will be deleted without warning. If you join up simply to tout your business your stay will be brief.

Charity Appeals. I get a number of requests about these and it's clear that we simply cannot have continuous posts asking our membership for money/sponsorship etc. Consequently you must contact me to ask for permission before posting and crucially my word is final and I am not obliged to explain myself if you have been refused permission.

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